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We are first time home builders. Tony is not a typical salesman. He is humble, fair and honest. The entire team from the builder (Marius) to the home decorator (Susan) have gone above and beyond to make the building process easy and enjoyable. Tony is a perfectionist and his homes are of the highest quality. They do not take shortcuts and care that we are happy with everything. Our home is nearing completion and it is beautiful. Better than we ever imagined!

We fell in love with Homes by J Anthony the moment we walked into his model custom home in Lucas. We knew the moment we were ready to build, our first choice is Homes by J Anthony! I have worked in the Hospitality Industry for 17 years so I pride in great service and creating lifelong relationships. Homes by J Anthony provides this in everything and in between. When we met Tony, he was so humbled and brilliant. He is incredibly talented and builds amazing detailed custom homes. His entire team provides excellent service and attention to detail is second to none. We are so excited about our new home in Lucas and extremely happy we went with Homes by J Anthony!

From start to finish the experience was pleasant. Tony is able to take your vision and translate that to a design that you will be more than happy with. He and his team work hard to ensure you have the home you will be beyond pleased with calling home. You will find their unique style of kindness and customer service pleasing and their product top quality. You will not go wrong choosing J Anthony Homes.

It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Tony and his crew at J Anthony Homes over the past few years. He is always around and available with an easy smile, a Sonic cup nearby, and a positive can-do attitude that cannot be beat! His ability to quickly understand client needs and accurately articulate them into design is nothing short of amazing. Tony possesses a rare and honest thoughtfulness that he is able to apply in helping people quickly discover, achieve, and exceed what they are looking for in a custom built home.

We are building with Tony right now. It is an amazing experience – he is the best at what he does, and he will take your dream and make it reality. His ideas are brilliant: Like why haven’t we been building homes this way for years? His team makes this process fun! His quality is as good as it comes, and his allowances for materials are the highest we’ve seen. Everyone we’ve met who has built with J Anthony has been beyond satisfied, thrilled really. We are grateful for them and can’t recommend enough!

I was currently looking in the area obviously for the school district and that’s when we came across J Anthony homes. I ended up purchasing a home from him because we were able to get out basically fully custom design from top to bottom at under fully custom design prices and we did this time and time again both on the interior the house the Exterior and even on my pool exceeding my expectations in all areas . The few times that we had unexpected price increases or differences are problems with the house instead of just telling me nothing could be changed we would actually me and Tony would sit down and we would come up with different solutions that we both later would agree ended up both saving me money on the design but still giving me what I was looking for in the first place by doing it a different way and I think that type of creativity you don’t get from the giant corporate homebuilders you get that type a custom guy next-door you can work with and that’s what I was so impressed that’s why am writing this review. Now that I’ve lived in my house for several years I have found that Tony still continues to be an amazing resource for me helps me with any issues and as far as communication goes I feel if anything I feel sometimes guilty because Tony sometimes makes himself to accessible when I find that I’m putting in on his family timer on his personal time because he still answering his phone on the weekends and after hours Secondly I found after several years that the effort he put in both on the workmanship and on the materials that we ended up recommending we used to build my house is the difference to why it’s still so enjoyable now. My house has increased in value every year I’ve lived in it and I believe the reason for that is is that the design of the house and how Tony placed it on the lot using some of the existing features that he identified really allows it to get an edge on every other house in the neighborhood. If anybody is interested in a reference for wants to talk to me directly regarding J Anthony homes I would gladly communicate with you just go ahead and email me any of your questions and I’m happy to answer them provide myself as a reference because I’m very happy with how the process worked with Tony’s company.

Loved the layout of this home! Great use of space.

J. Anthony builds beautiful homes and I was hooked from the moment I first saw one. Tony and his team deliver on some of the must-haves for me: spacious, open floor plans, and spectacular great rooms. I love the way that they’ve been able to extend the living and entertaining spaces by offering a disappearing wall of windows between the great room and the patio to ‘bring the outdoors in’. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and goes above and beyond to provide great customer service.


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