J. Anthony Custom Pools: we Design for how you live, entertain, and relax

With all of the effort you’ve invested in designing the perfect luxury home, it makes perfect sense that your one-of-a-kind home would be ideally accompanied by a pool that is a worthy match in quality and custom design. We not only build pools for our custom home buying clients (often while the home is in the middle of construction), but also for clients that have an existing home, or that are building a new home that is in need of the luxurious pool experience you’ve always wanted.

About J. Anthony Custom Pools

Your custom pool should be specific to you and your life

Each of our custom pools reflect the ongoing commitment to Quality, Vision, Trust, and Design that we are known for. We meticulously design and build each pool so that it not only aligns with your design needs and concerns, but with a vision that seamlessly complements your home’s areas of interest. And J. Anthony Custom Pools utilizes cutting-edge technology, finishes, and colors within a swift and efficient construction process, allowing you to enjoy your luxury pool experience without lengthy delays. Our pools also come with a best-in-industry lifetime warranty.

CUSTOM Pools Spotlight


FAIRVIEW, TEXAS  This gorgeously designed pool, inspired by old-world design and infused with new-world sophistication and beauty, is a modified Roman-shaped pool that has a small river connecting the pool and spa together. The spa also has an adjoining fire pit area, so that you can feel cozy and warm during the cooler winter months. The pool makes for a stunningly beautiful view as seen from the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom from the main house—and from the casita as well!

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