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Homes by J. Anthony is pleased to have been awarded some of the very highest honors in custom home building in both the soutHwestern United States and nationally. It is with pleasure that we introduce our company and our talents to you.

Our values, our Mission





‘Quality, Vision, Trust and Design’ isn’t just a slogan.
These are the core values that have guided our company from the beginning.

QUALITY starts from the foundation up. We strive to design one-of-a-kind homes using the highest level of architectural talent and personalized service. We use only the best materials; we work with the best contractors; and we always supervise and oversee each and every project with dedication and extraordinary care.

The home building process often starts with a dream, a VISION, for a home that embodies everything that you and your family want and need to live a quality life. Our in-house designer will assist you in realizing your dream through every step of the process—from designing the home, making the selections, and implementing the information with care, quality control, and communication.

We are a team you can implicitly TRUST, from the beginning to the end of your custom home building journey. When we embark on this endeavor with you, it’s a cherished partnership. Each and every contact you make along the way, from trade partners to staff, is the absolute best and right choice for building the custom home you and your family deserve!

Your custom home DESIGN begins on day one. When you first meet with our founder, Tony Prutch, he’ll often begin the process by creating a sketch that aligns with your conversation, from exterior elevation to floorplan. From that point on, design will not only provide the aesthetics that you desire, but will encompass superior functionality with the highest level of architectural talent and personalized service.

What We Do

We build the very finest Custom homes in north texas.

We build luxurious pools that give you a resort experience.

We are first in north Texas to build custom homes with basements.

With over 30 years of construction knowledge and experience, our promise is to build you a home that exceeds your expectations. We closely manage your project through a series of ‘Touch Points’ that include communications through each step of construction. You’ll enjoy the experience while we focus on the quality and details.

As we often say, “Put on your bathing suit, get a cool glass of iced tea, float in the pool, and point to the movers where the furniture needs to go.” We build our pools in conjunction with your new home, allowing us to capture the best design impact for the home; eliminate the need for additional financing; and without affecting overall construction time.

Basements are one example of how we use today‘s technology to provide our customers what they have always wanted. Our method of foundation construction is far superior to any other foundation method, requires less time, and affords more square footage for less money. We are revolutionizing the standard methods of new home construction in DFW.

Custom Homes

The meaning behind our company’s name

I'm Tony Prutch, the founder of Homes by J. Anthony, and there’s a lot of meaning behind our company's name. Johnnie Anthony, my father, passed away when I was nineteen years old. And my son’s name is Jordan Anthony. I’m never going to do anything that my father would be disappointed in—or anything negative that my son is going to have to answer for.

It started with a tornado and a divine calling

We were inspired to start my company by a very unfortunate event. On December 25, 2015 a tornado hit one of the subdivisions in Rowlett that my wife and I lived in. We actually saw it come across the lake. In the aftermath, we helped people out of the rubble—with many of their homes destroyed. We immediately knew we had to get involved.

We were neighbors helping neighbors

We helped our neighbors clean up and invited people to stay with us while we helped rebuild their homes. When you see somebody step over a $100 bill to pick up a first grade picture of their child, it’s clear what is most important, what really matters. Thankfully, no one died, and we were just glad to help out.

Family is What matters most of all

It was then that we realized we had a calling, in what seemed like a divine intervention, to help people realize their dreams for a home centered around what matters most to all of us. Family. Helping people realize their dreams is what we’re all about, and we’re proud to make this priority number one every day that we’ll work with you.
Custom home Spotlight
Extraordinary design and finish in Lucas, Texas
Luxury Home on BellagioLocated within Lucas, just a few miles west of Lake Lavon, is this beautifully realized estate home. Complete with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen the envy of every chef, a spacious study, and a resort-level pool ideal for the Texas summer heat, 1241 Bellagio is a home where design and function marry perfectly together.

Where We Build

Where we build is extremely important so that we can be within easy physical reach of each one of our home building projects every single day. Our dedication and focus is in north Texas, primarily within Celina, Fairview, Heath, Lucas, Parker and Prosper.

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