We build award-winning custom homes, pools, and basements in North Texas

Homes by J. Anthony builds custom homes, initially based on the ideas of our customers and realized through our award-winning design and construction team—all through the focused lens of over 30 years of knowledge and experience. We also build impeccable pools along with the construction of new homes. And we are the first to build custom homes with basements in North Texas.

Custom Homes

We Build Custom Homes Specific to You

Our promise is to build you a home, based on your initial vision, that exceeds all expectations. You can choose from one of our lots, or we can build on a lot that you own. Throughout the process we closely manage your project through a series of ‘Touch Points’ that include communications through each step of construction. You’ll enjoy the experience while we focus on the quality and details involved in building the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Pools

We build your resort-level pool while we build your custom home

The design impact of a home can be greatly enhanced with the inclusion of a fabulous pool—and building concurrently is cost-saving and eliminates the need for additional financing.

And the quality of every J. Anthony Custom Pools project is based on the core standard that drives the finish of every pool. We use only the best Pentar equipment and quality materials to ensure a quality pool every time.

Custom Basements

Our Basements are Unique to North Texas

Our basements utilize patented designs that result in entertaining spaces that not only exceed your wildest dreams, but can also function as an effective tornado shelter.

Basements are one example of how we use today‘s technology to provide our customers with what they have always wanted. Our method of foundation construction is far superior to any other foundation method, requires less time, and affords more square footage for less money.

A family business that started with family

I started building homes before I had even graduated from high school. The first home I built was for my parents—with a lot of mentorship from my mother, who is actually a superintendent still building with us today.

An early beginning and a quick ascension

By the time I was twenty-three I sold my first company and then began working with a large-production home builder, where I was the top salesperson, then sales manager, and eventually became division president. My next exciting adventure was as a high-end movie theater designer and builder.

Away from home, and a lesson learned

At one time, our business ventures kept me away from home for three months straight. I was working hard for my family but I lost focus on what was most important. This became clear when my youngest daughter sent me an email asking to get on my schedule.

Motivation and inspiration for how we work today

This was a personal lesson and huge motivating factor in how we run the company today. Each of our projects are within easy reach of our corporate office, and I can supervise development regularly, and minutes from my own home.

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