What we do


We build Custom Homes in the DFW area

Homes By J. Anthony - Lucas TX - DFW Custom Homes Builder

Homes by J. Anthony is building Custom Homes based on the ideas of our customers and through the 30 years of construction knowledge and experience. We provide the highest level of quality, vision, trust, design and features available.

We build for the customer!

Our promise is to build quality homes and exceed our customers’ expectations by closely managing each project, communicating each step of construction  and illustrating how we build through out the construction. We call this “Touch Points”. Our customers enjoy the experience while we focus on the quality and details.

We build Basements in the DFW area

Homes By J. Anthony is FIRST in NORTH TEXAS to build custom homes with BASEMENTS.

Homes By J. Anthony is FIRST in NORTH TEXAS to build custom homes with BASEMENTS. (Click here to see the video)

Basements are one example of how we use today‘s technology to provide the customers what they have always wanted.

With this innovative approach to foundation basement construction, we are  revolutionizing the standard methods of new home construction in DFW.

We Build On Your Own Lot

Build on your own lot with Homes By J. Anthony-DFW Custom Home Builder

If you have your own lot and would like to build your home with Homes By J. Anthony we will:

Guide and educate you on the information needed to build,

Provide you with the necessary testing to determine your soils type,

Handle the excavations for the correctly build site,

Provide the engineering for proper construction of the foundation,

Remove existing structures such as barn, pool, house,

Facilitate what is needed for the utilities,

Design all components of the new home to work together.

We have Premier lots available for the construction of your Custom Home

Homes By J Anthony offers Premier lots for home construction

Homes By J. Anthony is one of the top builders in Collin County with the large inventory of new home sites ready to build on.

Our Premier lots are prepared and engineered for immediate construction.

Please visit our page Where We Build to see available lots inventory (Click Here)

We build Pools in the DFW area

Homes By J. Anthony-Offers Pools construction-DFW Custom Home Builder

Our belief is: All Homes should be designed with a Pool in mind!

This will capture the best design impact for the home and save the customer money.  We build our pools in conjunction with the new home. This  eliminates the need for additional financing, and does not impact the overall construction time.

We always say: “When you move into a J. Anthony Home, put your bathing suit on, get a cool glass of iced tea, float in the pool, and point to the movers where the furniture needs to go… ”

Please visit our Pools page (Click Here) 


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